Wednesday, July 8, 2009


yesterday i met him.
i saw him but he was so far behind from me.
he didn't see me because he is blind.
and i'm suddenly became an invisible person.
so we didn't see each other at that time.
it's just only me. only i can saw him at that time.
i didn't waste my time by only looking him from far behind.
i'm getting closer and closer to him.
i saw his face.

but he didn't saw me.
i wanted to touch his hand + face.
but i know i can't.
i'm afraid to do that.
i just can't do that.
i called his name and said something to him.
he listened to my voice but he didn't know who was calling him.
he can't see me that i'm actually beside him.
he was looking for the person that called his name.
he didn't know that it was me.
he is blind...
i'm invisible...
we are not meant for each other...
what did i said to him?
i said...
sayang, i love you since i saw you first time.

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