Wednesday, October 7, 2009

~neveR be rePLacEd~'s been too long now. lame da xdengar cite. taw-taw je dye muncul balik. kenapa? ya! itu satu soalan yang aq nak dye jwab sekarang jugak! aq nak taw kenapa mesti sekarang dye datang balik dalam hidup aq since da lame kiteorang bwak haluan diri masing-masing. kenapa?! aq bukan xsuke dye muncul balik. aq cume terkejut sangat2. iyelah! lelaki yg aq pernah syg glew2 satu mase dulu datang balik dalam idup aq. secara tiba-tiba plak tu. tapi skang nie, aq pun xtaw pe yg aq rase tntg dye. yelah..da lame sgt aq xcontact dye, n suddenly, there was one night, he called me and i know that was him because i can recognize his voice. god!! at that time i'm almost crying and shouting!! i'm too happy that finally he called me. but i try to control it. so, that night, kiteorg borak macam biase. n ntah kenapa, aq rase something dlm aty aq at that time. am i nervous? am i scared? or..did i miss him too much that makes me easily shaking when i heard his voice? i don't know...i just wanna said thank you because come you back into my life again.. as what? friend? boyfriend? ex-bf? scandal? yeah..whatever. as long as he still remember me, i'm fine with that. (:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

~the caLL~

one day...
he called me. he said my name.
he's asking how am i doing right now. i said, i'm fine.
he told me to listened what he's gonna said.
he want me to promise to him that i will not telling anyone about what his gonna tell me later.
i pro
mised to him. i'm never gonna tell anyone about this call.
enly i heard a sound of guitar and a voice.
he sang me a song.
what song?
'made it for me'
it's one of my favourite song. he dedicate it only for me.
he sang to me very nicely while playing with his guitar.
it's acapella song.
i LOVE it so much.
after that, i said thank you and i love it.
he hang up the phone.
i'm crying + smiling.
i'm so touched.
tQ babe~^^

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


yesterday i met him.
i saw him but he was so far behind from me.
he didn't see me because he is blind.
and i'm suddenly became an invisible person.
so we didn't see each other at that time.
it's just only me. only i can saw him at that time.
i didn't waste my time by only looking him from far behind.
i'm getting closer and closer to him.
i saw his face.

but he didn't saw me.
i wanted to touch his hand + face.
but i know i can't.
i'm afraid to do that.
i just can't do that.
i called his name and said something to him.
he listened to my voice but he didn't know who was calling him.
he can't see me that i'm actually beside him.
he was looking for the person that called his name.
he didn't know that it was me.
he is blind...
i'm invisible...
we are not meant for each other...
what did i said to him?
i said...
sayang, i love you since i saw you first time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

~coNfeSsi0N 0F a c0upLeph0bia~

i've been in love before. it's sweet. it's nice. it's beautiful. it's the most happiest moment in my life. let me tell you my love story.

i've fall in love with this one guy. i love this guy so much. i loved him more than i love myself. i think this is my first time i'm falling in love way too much. he just one ordinary guy to you all. but for me, he is my first love until today. i cannot forget him no matter how hard i tried to. i cannot hate him no matter how hard he tried to make me hate him. i cannot lied to myself anymore that i'm totally cannot forget hi
m until now. i know that now he's in love with someone else, but, i still cannot forget about him.

dulu, dia memang bf ku. sangat cinta. sangat sayang. i'm totally happy being with him even we are in a long distance love because i lived in kL and he lived in silverstate. but, for us, bende 2 bukan susah pun. as long as we trust each other, then it's okie la. he loved me so much sampaikan die sanggup turun kL. yg penting, die surprisekan aq. aq xtaw pun die nak datang kL. yg aq taw, cousin aq ajak aq pergi kLcc n then i notice that he was beside me in the KINOKUNIYA. haha~~surprised!! thank you so much sayang! i love that moment a lot. i still can remember the way he holding my hand, the way he hugging me before he went back to silverstate. god! i'm crying right now~ hurm..

but right now, he's not mine anymore. why? because i left him again. why? sebab jodoh aq dan dia Tuhan kate xde. jdi, kami pun putus tgah jlan. until now i don't know what happen to him. it's not that i didn't want to know about him, it's just dia yg xnak aq taw pasal die. so, why must i'm waiting and looking for him anymore? right?? so, i just let him go.
but i want him to know that my love for him is true and i didn't lie when i said i love him so much when we were together. if you reading this, i just wanna be ur friend. that's it. not more than that cause i'm afaid that i'm going to hurt your heart n my heart too.

since then, i don't believe in love anymore. i'm becoming a couplephobia person. haha~
tgk kawan-kawan aq yg bercouple tu asyik bergaduh je,
tgk mak ayah ku yang da kawin tue asyik bertekak tak abes2,
tgk kawan lelaki aq ade yg suke maen perasaan pempuan tak suda-suda,
makes me doesn't believe more about LOVE + COUPLE until today...
i'm sorry.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


my full name is simple.
rabiatul adawiah binti juwara.
my dad's name funny isn't it?
don't laugh yet!
cause you didn't know about my nickname.(;
people usually call me RABYT!

that kind of rabbit.(;

i dunno lah actually.
it's started when i was in form 3. (i guess..??)
my besties said that my name is too long.
too long and it's hard for her to call me.
yea rite.(;
then, she started to call me rabit.
at 1st, i didn't like that name.
it's hidious!
but then,
for quit
e a long time,
i fall in love with that name.
its easy to pronounce,

simple and just nice.
like me though.(;
from then my nickname has become
rabyt, byt, wabyt and so on until today.
that's where my name came from.

well, i'm 19teen now.
25th october 2009 is my bday.
't forget that.(;
stay in kL for a long time.
since birth i think.??
my friends say that i'm a TALKATIVE person.
i think they right.
right guys?

i'm a biggest fan of korean + japan drama series!
if you have some
thing to share with,
juz tell me.
i L.0.V.E it!
i'm totally into it bcoz the heroes are

the heroin also pretty n lovely.(;
but the fact is
their stories are sweet and funny.
cute lol! (;
i'm not a shopperholic like other girls.
because i L.0.V.E money more than anything else!

i'm in a budget right now ok!
[m.o.n.e.y = l.o.v.e]
i'm on a diet!
da kurus kering camnie pun ade hati nak diet!
i'm a universal.
i like all type of music.
indie + pop + rock + r & b n so on.
no jiwang karang marang what so eva song.
i'm totally not into it!
best malay movie = SEPI, SEPET, KAMI The Movies
best english movie = EAGLE EYE, FINAL DESTINATION

i'm not good in writing a blog.
but i will improve it soon!
so long~(;