Sunday, July 12, 2009

~the caLL~

one day...
he called me. he said my name.
he's asking how am i doing right now. i said, i'm fine.
he told me to listened what he's gonna said.
he want me to promise to him that i will not telling anyone about what his gonna tell me later.
i pro
mised to him. i'm never gonna tell anyone about this call.
enly i heard a sound of guitar and a voice.
he sang me a song.
what song?
'made it for me'
it's one of my favourite song. he dedicate it only for me.
he sang to me very nicely while playing with his guitar.
it's acapella song.
i LOVE it so much.
after that, i said thank you and i love it.
he hang up the phone.
i'm crying + smiling.
i'm so touched.
tQ babe~^^

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  1. sweeet! aku yg dnga pon agak terharu weyh ;))